Frequently Asked Questions

A theme membership includes:

  • Listing of a theme’s content.
  • Introductory webinar session
  • Option for a PBL model.

Each theme includes:

  • Material for each theme’s topic – for three proficiency levels.
  • List of grammar concepts related to each proficiency level.
  • A series of “can do” lists for each proficiency level.
  • Vocabulary lists.
  • Reading, listening, speaking and writing assignments.
  • Link to digital tools, exercises and games.
  • Resources for teachers.
  • Option to get theme related PBL models.

Each theme contains several topics.

The topics in each theme are based on the five goals (“The five-Cs”) that focus on Language learning:

Communication, Culture, Connection, Comparison and Community

The topics in each theme vary according to the proficiency level and its learning goals.

As the proficiency levels become more advanced, the topics in each theme are explored beyond the students’ immediate environment.

For example, in the Acquaintance Theme:

  • Novice – this level includes topics around the first acquaintance scene (or encounter) in which people introduce themselves to one another and exchange basic personal information about their surroundings or environment.
  • Intermediate – includes the more detailed “getting to know you” type of topics, such as character, personal attributes, interests, and other related question-answer type of interactions.
  • Advanced – this level includes topics such as stereotypes, the use of technology to interpreted one’s character, and more.

The theme order on the IVRIKAL website is modular, and is based on the accepted standards of teaching of a second language. It is possible, however, to choose a ‘non-standard’ theme order to fit with individual interests and requirements.

Yes, to appreciate the IVRIKAL experience, we encourage you to explore our free introductory Demo Course.